He thinks this study program is a great opportunity for people who are already working and want to improve their abilities. Additionally, Apri hopes to create an easily accessible court office application for the public. True to her vision, April decided to participate in the training program. Honest learning methods Obviously, this is not the first time Apri has learned technology through an online learning platform. April had previously studied elsewhere. However, when Apri became a DTS PROA participant, his learning experience was different from usual. For Apri, the learning experience in DTS PROA through the Dicoding platform, especially the Android developer .

learning path is very meaningful

That’s what prompted him to take it seriously. He said that in theory, he could gain knowledge about Android from virtually any online location. However, one interesting thing is that DTS PROA has it but other online learning platforms do not. “DTS PROA’s approach to learning does require participants to maintain integrity, especially when we submit assignments. This is whatsapp database where our integrity is truly tested. The reviewer is an experienced professional who ensures the work we do It is purely our own. This project taught me to study seriously and be honest in line with my life values.” Apri’s journey at DTS PROA has really helped him get closer to his vision and mission. Apri feels there is more to learn and hopes that one day he can become an accomplished ASN through the technological .

As a woman entering the world

innovations he creates for his institution. The world of tech isn’t just for men  of technology—even if starting in a field not related to science—Apri hopes to encourage her fellow women to start entering the world of IT. “When we dare to try new things, there are only two Caseno Data possibilities before us, either success or failure. But when we are afraid of starting, we will definitely face failure. Therefore, be brave and start learning. The world of IT is not only It’s just for men because there are a lot of great women in this field as well.” April encouraged his female friends to continue studying and reminded them that free study facilities are now widely available. 

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