You are most likely wondering, what is link building in SEO and how does it help my strategy? Link building is crucial to your SEO strategy, which brings us to the next section. Link building for SEO is a crucial component of your digital marketing strategy. Backlinks tell search engines that people trust your site. Backlinks act as votes of confidence by letting search engines know that your site is useful and deserves the top spot in search engine results pages (SERPs).however, these links will always be of extremely low quality. So, it can actually hurt your ranking because it violates Google’s webmaster guidelines.


The relevance

Your content is a determining Poland Telegram Number Data factor of how your content will appear in the SERPs, but earning backlinks from reputable sites will also help your site appear higher. We may not know all the ranking factors that Google uses in its algorithm, but we know that links are at the top. But not all links are the same. This is where link equity comes in . What is link equity? Link equity, which some like to call “ link juice ,” refers to the value a site conveys when it links to yours. Different sites have different values ​​because of this thing called domain authority.

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What is link Domain

Domain authority gives you an idea of ​​how reliable Canada Telegram Number your site is for search engines. It is a numerical value from 1 to 100, so the higher the number, the more trustworthy your site is. While it’s not necessarily used by search engines to determine your site’s position in the SERPs, domain authority can help you understand which sites will convey the most link equity from backlinks. You can measure your domain authority with Moz tools, or your domain rating with Ahrefs tools. I’ll give you an example of how these metrics work.



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