Write the recipient’s email (2) Now it is your turn to write the email name of the person you want to receive your file. 4. Shipping email (3) Provide an email account of yours to be able to send. Write a personalized message and send the file. This field is optional, here you can write an informative text for the person. Who will receive the email to read. Once all the steps are done. LinkedIn Business you can send files in WeTransfer. Create a link to send them in messages.

LinkedIn Business 

If you press the section. That I show job function email list you in the image above you will be able to create a transfer link so that you can copy that link and send it to them. Example : you can send it via WhatsApp so that you don’t have to know the email of the other person who will receive the file. Comparison, free and paid plan You have already seen the advantages of using the paid and free version. when I want to send presentations or videos to clients and other colleagues .

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I wanted to leave you this section Caseno Data so that you can see the image of the official page what the free WeTransfer account and the Premium account give you. It is a good way to help you decide which plan best suits your needs. Comparison of free wetransfer and Wetransfer plus Other posts that may. LinkedIn Business interest you. on what Wetransfer is, it is possible to send large files easily, without complications and for free. I have been using it for years, and it is great for me.

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