Cioran in the bus queue Yo “The obsession with suicide is typical of someone who can neither live nor die and whose attention never strays from this double impossibility.” I read this passage. let’s say. on the sly. It was around five in the afternoon on a dull Monday. I was standing. waiting for the feer bus (I have already talk about my misfortunes relat to this transport service ). Almost next to me. but standing in line to board the bus on another route. was a man. perhaps in his sixties. concentrat on reading a book.. This was an old book (charmingly old) that display discreet moth passages in the margins of the pages. Seeing a person reading in the middle of that chaos.

Gnostic Thesis According to

In the middle of people absorb in looking at their cell phone screen. mov me (as happens every time I come across an unusual image like this). even though that fact was clearly explain by a generational reason (definitely. that reader was part of those who grew up without knowing about tablets . smartphonesand internet connection). As I often do when I have someone I don’t know b2b email list nearby with a book in their hands. in a queue (like now). on the bus. at the receipt somewhere. in short. wherever possible. I tri to read some lines and discover that passage with which I open this text. It is a lucid and tremendous passage. provocative and suggestive. Disturbing. Above all. disturbing. due to the topic it alludes to: nothing less than suicide.

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Although I want to know who had forg those ideas. who was the writer whose book was parading in the hands of that anonymous reader among the gray murmur Caseno Data of a bus station. I did not dare (I couldn’t quite say why) to ask that man What work were you reading? They were – as you can see – just over twenty words. just two lines of text. so memorizing them was not a titanic task. The queue was already moving and I got on the bus with the purpose of searching the Internet. once I got home. for the perpetrator of these lines. I must admit that technology. at this point. turns out to be almost magically useful . So. then. I look for the information on the Internet.

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