Welcome back to my blog. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a new national project dedicated to a very important topic: the mental and physical well-being of all of us. Psicologodibase.com was born from a one-of-a-kind idea that I supported from the beginning. We all know the professional figure of the general practitioner , i.e. our family doctor, but many, me first and foremost, do not know the general practitioner . I will not go into the technicalities of the matter, which are not within my competence, Creation of  stated in an article on the portal’s blog.

primary healthcare

Who is easily accessible for citizens and that USA Telegram Number Data provides support and expertise for psychological problems (such as anxiety, stress, relational or psychosomatic difficulties)”. I put the conditional “should” because in Parliament and in many regions of Italy there is widespread debate and fighting about this very important figure within the Italian healthcare system. But let’s get back to us and this important project which is expanding, day after day, throughout the national territory. I deal with the management of Instagram accounts and Facebook pages and their sponsorship with targeted social ads, the creation of personalized apps and the indexing of websites on Google.

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Creation of website

A few months ago, one of my collaborators Nigeria Telegram Number introduced me to the CEO of the MIND THE GROUP SRL company, who conceived and developed the “Basic Psychologist” portal project, now also a registered trademark. I immediately got on well with the CEO of the company and his colleagues, both on a human and working level and this initial empathy immediately spilled over into the feasibility of the project. If you clicked on the link and visited the website that I created , you will immediately have noticed, in addition to fresh and clean graphics, meticulous work that involved every single page of the website.


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