Ultimately, we’re seeing an interesting evolution , but the Fediverse has yet to become the undisputed king of social media. It’s as if we’re navigating new waters, hoping that this new wave of decentralization brings with it the freshness we’re looking for in social media . 2024 will be the year of the Fediverse One of the first things that Meta decided to communicate to those who sign up. Threads is that the new social network is part of the Fediverse. Thousands of people had never heard of the Fediverse until now and were a little taken aback or confused by this statement, most simply ignored it. Threads and fediverse But what is the fediverse? To understand this we must first understand the concept of communication protocol. How Fediverse which in computer science is a set of rules that define. The ways in which two entities can communicate with each other.

How Fediverse

Here, the fediverse is a set of servers on Canada Phone Number Data which the ActivityPub protocol is installed, which allows, via a single platform, to follow and interact with users of each other. Let’s take a practical example : currently the Mastodon platform is part of the Fediverse, while Threads is testing the integration of ActivityPub. Now let’s take ourselves into the future and imagine the scenario. In addition, where Threads has successfully finished testing and become a federated platform. Here’s what we could do thanks to the Fediverse: a person with a Mastodon profile can follow a person with a profile on Threads , seeing their posts appear on the Mastodon feed and being able to interact directly from there.

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And viceversa. The goal is to create an interoperable  system between Singapore Phone Number distributed platforms. Another really interesting thing is that the Fediverse also allows you to move your account to any other federated platform, also importing or exporting posts and followers. The ActivityPub isn’t exactly new. APIs like this have been around for a long time. Do you remember RSS? Perhaps one of the first technologies that sought to enable the open sharing of information. It was originally created by Netscape and RSS stood for “RDF Site Summary”.



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