Mexico’s Green Finance Advisory Board (CCFV) today joine the International Network of Financial Centers for Sustainability (FC4S), as it seeks to help turn the Latin American nation into a regional green finance powerhouse.​ The CCFV is the 28th member of the movement convene by the Unite Nations Environment Program to put private capital behind green investments. FC4S already has some of the world’s leading financial centers as members.​ “ We are excite to have the opportunity to be part of the FC4S and work alongside them to achieve our common goal of becoming a greener and more transparent financial system. Said Luis Sebastián Sayeg Seade, co-president of the CCFV and director of the Afore pension fund.

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This benefits investors, the financial sector and, most importantly, local economies, the environment and the Mexican population. The advisory board. Which represents more than 300 members. Was create in 2016 in response to the growing nee in Mexico to develop a sustainable financial market with a true long-term Malaysia Phone Number List vision. The CCFV is particularly concerne about Mexico’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Locate between two oceans. It is expose to storms and rising sea levels. The CCFV says that 71 percent of the country’s economy is vulnerable to climate-relate disasters.​ “The CCFV has brought together leaders representing the financial system to share learning on how we can take measures to manage and minimize climate and social risks. Said Enrique Ernesto Solórzano Palacio. Co-president of the CCFV and pension fund manager Afore CEO of Sura.

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We must do more work on taxonomies. Improve data disclosure and identification of a sustainable and green infrastructure pipeline, and lobby for decarbonization of companies that turn to public markets for financing.” Beijing, Cairo, Lagos, Madrid and Tokyo have all recently joine FC4S in a groundswell of support for sustainable finance Philippine Phone Number in line with growing global awareness of the pressing environmental challenges facing the planet. The incorporation of the CCFV is particularly significant. Given the size of the country’s economy. Since the Mexican Congress in approve the General Climate Change Law. Green finance has been growing in Mexico. In the national development bank NAFIN issue its first green bond. The first certifie green bond in Latin America.

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