All car manufacturers want to join the commercialization of electric cars. Mini Cooper does not want to be the exception. He recently announce that after several experimental models and prototypes, he has finally launche his all-electric Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper presents its first all-electric car Before 2020, BMW’s first electric Mini will be available and with this, the German brand will compete with the ID.3 of its compatriot Volkswagen and the Tesla Model 3. Its cost will be around 36 thousand dollars. Inside there is a battery and an electric motor. This battery is T-shape and is in the center of the car under the rear seats. This allows the small two-door car to have the same passenger and cargo space as the gasoline version. It also has a slightly lower center of gravity for better cornering handling, according to the company.

Mini Cooper presents its first all-electric car

The new Mini Cooper SE will have a range of up to 270 kilometers, according to the brand, but it could be lower once it is reviewe by the regulatory institutions that are responsible for measuring this for consumers. Regarding its physical appearance, the new car features a close hexagonal outline at the front and a yellow Singapore Phone Number List decorative bar. The Mini Cooper SE represents the first model of the BMW Group in its offensive to position itself at the top of the electric market. Joining this strategy will be the iX3 in China next year, followe by the iNEXT and i4 in 2021. As if that were not enough, the Mini Cooper SE has a “peestrian protection” mode with which the car will make a slight noise at low spees so that people can hear the silent electric car approaching.

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Manufacturing of the Mini Cooper Electric

Manufacturing of the Mini Cooper Electric BMW executives decide to build the car in England despite concerns about Brexit.The company has also said it could build the electric Mini in China as well, but now says the cars will only be produce in England. Production will begin in November, with cars delivere to customers Turkey Phone Number List early next year. According to some BMW executives, the company will make electric versions of cars that are also sold in internal combustion and plug-in hybrid versions, instead of making many electric models. Thus, the company can easily adjust its production of internal combustion, plug-in hybrids and electric cars to meet consumer demand. BMW always competing As part of its business strategy, competition for BMW has always been important.

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