Until the audience becomes very large! Once you have a large volume of audience, your brand begins to be much better known, respected and identified as a leader in its segment . After all, the more a potential customer encounters good content from your More authority company throughout the purchasing journey , the more they trust and want to become your customer. That’s why I also usually say: Guilherme de Bortoli – CEO of Orgânica Digital “SEO is not just positioning on Google . SEO is also brand building, market positioning.

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Guilherme de Bortoli CEO – Organic Digital It does not stop there! Good SEO work is not just about organic traffic , as many people  More authority think. In fact, achieving good results with this technique also helps your company to considerably reduce the Cost per Lead (CPL) . This is because the content  special data produced by an SEO agency, in addition to taking advantage of the “snowball effect”, also helps to attract more qualified leads — who have a greater chance of closing a deal with your company.

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As they are the ones who find you and not you who runs after them. Contrary .to what . Happens, for example, with paid traffic — where the cost tends to rise year after year, delivering fewer and fewer results. With another detail: if investment in paid media is cut, the result is also cut immediately! “A company that ignores SEO ends up becoming a hostage to paid media forever.” Guilherme de Bortoli CEO – Organic Digital Not surprisingly, this is   Caseno Data precisely the focus of an SEO agency : placing your website and its content in the top organic positions. In this process, valuable conte

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