The majority of people on planet Earth live in countries where they live on the edge regarding water resources. This is about a quarter of the population. In the 17 states where that 25% of the Earth’s population is located. Irrigated agriculture, industry and cities consume 80% or more of the available surface and groundwater fresh water each year. This makes countries more exposed to severe restrictions in periods of drought. And they are approaching the so-called “day zero. The day when there will be no water reserves left. The World Resources Institute (WRI) updated its water stress ranking and revealed its latest results: the Middle East and North Africa form the world’s most stressed region with 12 out of 17 countries, Qatar, Israel, Lebanon , Iran and Jordan occupy the first five places on the list.

Countries affected by water stress

Countries affected by water stress India The largest focus of the affected population, according to the study, is in India, where an extreme drought occurred that left the country without this resource. India has 1.3 billion inhabitants, ranks 13th in the water stress classification and is in the extremely high risk category. According to India Phone Number List Andrew Steer, of WRI: “water stress is the biggest crisis that no one is talking about.” Spain Spain is within the high water stress category, It has a global resource consumption of between 40% and 80% annually. The country occupies place. But in some areas of the south and east of the Peninsula they are classified as being at extreme risk, like those Middle Eastern countries that top the ranking. According to Leandro Moral. Professor of Human Geography at the University of Seville, uses more than of its resources.

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That is why controversial transfers from other basins are needed in Murcia. The Valencian Community and Almería. Also the desalination plants, which in this latest period of drought that the country is experiencing have allowed there to be no generalized cuts in supply and irrigation to be maintained. The report also warns Latvia Phone Number List of the “threat to humanity” of climate change: “WRI found that water withdrawals around the world have doubled since the 1960s due to growing demand. And show no signs of slowing.” deceleration,” the institute warned in its report. The United States ranks 71st, but New Mexico experiences extremely high stress levels.

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