GDPR has increased the activities of reputable websites. These GDPR compliant companies were happy to disclose their use of customer data, and as a result, the customer felt safe. The GDPR was an act that changed data privacy . Data privacy has a pre-GDPR period and a post-GDPR period. Let’s take a closer look at how this act of change has impacted data privacy in 2022. Why is the GDPR important? First of all I want to specify some important aspects of my work. When a web agency or a freelancer creates a website or an e-commerce site, they must inform the client that the project must comply with the GDPR but it is the end client who decides. What impact which consultants to rely on to draw up their official personal data processing document.


This is for two reasons

The first is that each online project has a unique  and Spain Telegram Number Data personalized management of the processing of its customers’ personal data and because whoever creates a website is not an expert in legal and commercial matters, but there are teams of lawyers and team of digitally expert lawyers who specifically deal with this, such as which I turn to when my clients ask for advice on the matter. For me, Legalblink is an excellent service because with simplicity, professionalism and extreme speed it allows you to obtain terms of sale, privacy policy, cookie policy updated to Italian and international law, banners for preventive blocking of cookies, legal assistance and consent register.

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What impact personalized consultancy

It is a service provided by a team of digital expert lawyers China Telegram Number who, in addition to offering a highly configurable solution, also provide  services. I chose to rely on them because the adaptation of websites is a very important aspect and if it is not carried out following all the directives of the Privacy Guarantor, there is a risk of incurring very, very heavy sanctions…we are talking about several thousand of euros depending on the severity.

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