WWF expresses its serious concern about the devastating forest spread WWF statement of fires in the Amazon that threaten the existence of the largest tropical in the world, habitat of thousands  of animals and plants and home to more than 34 million people, including around 500 indigenous peoples. Fires are consuming significant devastating forest areas of forest in the Brazilian and Bolivian Amazon, and in other ecosystems within the Chiquitano Forest, the Chaco and the Cerrado, in Bolivia. Faced with this ecological devastation.  WWF calls on the countries of the region – Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname – to protect the Amazon. Combat deforestation and reduce the factors behind the fires.in addition, the fires cause a loss of habitat that threatens the survival of the species. Likewise. fires entail serious social, economic and public health problems.

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The Amazon plays an important role in the climate regulation of South America, even influencing the region’s precipitation regime. In addition to seriously affecting the biodiversity of the area, the fires that have intensified for approximately two weeks will exacerbate the climate crisis due to carbon emissions from the Canada Phone Number List burning of organic matter. Damaged areas will be more vulnerable to droughts. Floods and other effects of climate change. Due to the lack of vegetation cover. The loss of the forest will also reduce the carbon dioxide absorption capacity of ecosystems. The generation and dispersion of smoke compromises the air quality of several regions relatively close to the fires and even distant cities such as Sao Paolo, in Brazil. The immediate impact of the fires on biodiversity is the death of thousands of animals and plants that inhabit these forests. Including emblematic such as the jaguar but.

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The livelihoods of small local producers and indigenous peoples are threatened by the advance of the flames. Among those affected is the Chiquitana indigenous community of Santa Mónica in Bolivia. Which has lost approximately 60 thousand dollars in income from wood from its forests that. They manage sustainably in the Monte Estonia Phone Number List Verde territory. Historically, fires in the Amazon have been linked to deforestation due to the expansion of agricultural activity and this time is no exception. As was verified with the increase in deforestation in the last year. According to the Brazilian Amazon Environmental Research Institute. The ten municipalities with the most heat sources are the same ones that have the greatest deforestation. One fact worth highlighting is that the dry season conditions this year have been within normal ranges.

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