Despite the different initiatives to combat plastic, there is more and more. And it seems that not all industries and companies have understood that plastic is a big problem around the world; It damages ecosystems, pollutes the sea and causes animal deaths. We see plastic everywhere: in the supermarket, in fast food centers and it gets worse with online purchases. When ordering an object online, it is common for it to arrive wrapped in a lot of plastic to “take care” of any scratches, however, it is usually unnecessary. In addition to some electronic objects, we also usually order food through different applications; it comes wrapped in plastic or Styrofoam and this increases plastic waste that damages the planet. According to Forbes but the plastic containers in which it is delivered could be available on the face of the earth for hundreds of years.

Dos Bocas Refinery, false miracle: Greenpeace

And the country’s patchy recycling system isn’t up to speed. The vast majority of this plastic ends up discarded, buried or burned with the rest of the garbage, say researchers and recyclers. Scientists estimate that the online takeaway business in China was responsible for 1.6 million tonnes of packaging waste in  a nine-fold jump Benin WhatsApp Number List from two years earlier. That includes 1.2 million tons of plastic containers, 175,000 tons of disposable chopsticks, 164,000 tons of plastic bags and 44,000 tons of plastic spoons. Collectively, this is more than the amount of residential and commercial trash of all types disposed of each year by the city of Philadelphia. The total for 2018 grew to an estimated two million tons. US is worse People in China still generate less plastic waste, per capita, than Americans.

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Obrador defends refinery

The newly appointed head of the Ministry of the Environment (Semarnat), Víctor Manuel Toledo Manzur, declared that the nation needs to move towards a National Renewable Energy Plan, in what was his first message to the media during the president’s morning conference Lopez Obrador. Since the beginning of the current Spain WhatsApp Number List federal administration, specialists have criticized that the energy commitment remains in the field of fossil energies, when the world is turning towards renewable energy. Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself has defended this energy scheme, saying that fossil fuels “will not run out soon if only what the country requires is extracted.” With this background, the new federal official Víctor Manuel Toledo took his opportunity to reiterate the importance of transitioning to renewables, explaining that the agency under his charge will have three pillars of work: First: develop policies to combat and mitigate.

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