We can therefore say that reviews have become one of the most important elements in order to expand and have more visibility on the web. But how do you manage reviews? Here are some tips that might be helpful. How to respond to positive reviews When you manage a website, be it an e-commerce or a blog, if you receive positive reviews , even regarding a quality article that a user appreciates, you should always try to respond in kind. positive manner, thanking. Sometimes it may seem obvious to respond just to say thank you . Instead, this gesture is also really essential because the user will surely appreciate the fact that you sent him feedback.

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This way you will be able to create greater France Email List involvement and a closer bond with the user. This means building customer loyalty , which in digital marketing is a significant element because it is an indicator of reliability. But the trick that few people know about responding to reviews is, once again, hidden in keyword research . I’ll explain. Many of my SEO specialist colleagues, who optimize the content on their clients’ sites on a daily basis, neglect reviews because they ignore an important aspect linked to the optimization of a website for search engines and beyond.

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The matter changes little. All online data exchange is based on question Italy Email List and answer and to perfect this process and convert data into results, mathematical formulas, better known as algorithms, are used. All online platforms use their own algorithm that interweaves data to produce results that are as relevant as possible, i.e. that provide the user with the best answer to their question. Which also have e-commerce and which rely on the web to be able to increase the number of customers and therefore to generate more turnover, know very well that the reviews left by other users on products and services offered can influence purchases. But it is not just a question of influence on other possible users. In fact, search engines also take into account the feedback received on a site.

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