Climate change is an environmental threat that citizens, companies and governments are seeking to reverse; This is an urgent problem to address. However, with the help of different initiatives and implementations. There is still faith in achieving it. In the coming months it will be one year since the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was released. Which described the force and impact of global warming. The report generated such controversy that the British newspaper The Guardian published a headline called: “We have 12 years to put a limit on the climate change catastrophe.The agreement must be focused on reducing pre-industrial temperatures in order to prevent disastrous consequences.

A major climate report describes a strong risk of crisis as close as

In the Paris Agreement, 195 countries committed to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as a measure to keep warming at an “acceptable level” of less than 2°C, and to “make efforts” to limit the increase in the temperature at 1.5°C. Dr. Debra Roberts. Co-author of the IPCC report published in 2018; Dr Nicola Beaumont. Scientist New Zealand Phone Number List at Plymouth Marine Laboratory; and Katharine Reich. Cssociate director of the UCLA Climate Science Center. Cpeak in an interview with Vogue about the facts behind four of the most worrying headlines: “ CNN published an article in October 2018 reporting: “Governments around the world must make A report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2018 found that emissions have to decrease by 45% by 2030 (compared to 2010 levels) to limit warming to.

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A new alert says we could run out of fish by

The impact caused by global warming long-term and irreversible. In the same way that the loss of ecosystems and the ice sheet in Greenland . However, recent figures suggest that most countries that signed the Paris Agreement are not working towards their individual Saudi Arabia Phone Number List goals by 2030. If the current rate of warming continues. There will be an increase in floods, heat waves, droughts and fires in 2040. “A major climate report describes a strong risk of crisis as close as 2040.” The New York Times published this report in which it “describes a world of food shortages and worsening fires.

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