If you find yourself with a lot of information to convey. Consider directing readers to longer-form content on your blog. Website. Etc. When planning your email content. Always keep those 8-10 seconds in mind and it ruthlessly to keep it engaging and to the point and then identify where else you’re sending them for more informationMeghan: again. Relevance here is key. And. At some point there is such a thing as too much copy.

So we thought we’d chat to marigold art directors

One of the benefits of partnering with campaign monitor by marigold is having access to experts across all areas of marketing. So we thought we’d chat to marigold art directors. Noelle and meghan. To get insight into the asia email list design process they undertake when designing an email. From selecting a layout to choosing an image. Read their tips for designing an engaging and responsive email.

Our analytics suite gives you smart

Better insights to build winning campaigns Our analytics suite gives you smart. Actionable insights to improve your campaigns.what’s the first thing you do when you kick off an email design project? Noelle: at the beginning of an email design project. While it’s tempting to dive right into the design process. I take a moment to reflect on the fundamental purpose Caseno Data of design: effective communication. So. The first thing I do is make sure I fully grasp the email’s primary goal and have a discussion about how we’ll measure its success. It’s important to be on the same page with our marketing team because that sets the stage for evaluating what works..

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