As some moron might proclaim as sloppy slogan ad nauseum. it is. in the end. the same thing. And if this is so. then what we find in Cioran. rather than pessimism. is an expression of a fulminating disbelief that leads us to look at this existence as if it were a circus in which the clowns are all of us. clowns out of nothing and head. after an improvis show. again to the silent repose of non-being. A paradoxical circus in which the most absurd maneuver is carri out with solemn seriousness. with occasional circus comians who wear soot on their faces instead of color paint. who laugh when they should cry. and sob with ridiculous apparatus when they should let out a loud laugh. A circus with a beginning as scandalously absurd as its end will be no less.

Work of an Evil Creator It

Well. after reading that book. I became a follower of this enemy of the cosmos. What follow was trying to find more of his works for me. I found very little in the library of the San Marcos Faculty of Letters. There was a good supply of his books in the library of the Catholic University. but we already know that that place is impregnable for those who do not study there. I never (strangely) found anything (like until now) in the us business database bookstores that I frequent (and still frequent). And the few books of his that I found in the commercial bookstores were not within my reach at that time (difficult times. not only of existential turbulence. but also of greater economic anxiety than now).

Is Clear That Cioran Did

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Photocopy The Book of Chimeras. one of the few works that I could find in my college library. and I continu to delight in the stinging style of the Romanian master. Spurr on by these readings and by what according to my source (now lost in my memory) Duritz had said about that Cioran book. I develop a kind of obsession to find it. “What a title.” he thought. That phrase. “On the inconvenience of being born” – catastrophic to the last letter – incit my curiosity. which was already taking on the Caseno Data appearance of an obsessive interest. Not only. Until one fine day. on the shelves of El Virrey. I found it. Discreet. crouch. recast among larger and thicker books. I spott the title on the spine. as if I had suddenly discover the brilliance of a precious stone.

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