The creation of a tailor-made website is always a challenge for me, not only because it always allows me to learn something more, but it is the right stimulus to find new ad hoc solutions for the customer. For example, even before creating a geolocalized. Website like the one in Milano Marittima of the Hotel San Giorgio, I ask myself who its potential customers could be and consequently. I start to imagine the search keys that will give the right visibility to the project itself. Clearly I make use of online tools that allow me to do keyword research both at a local and national level and, in case the client asks me.  thanks to the creation of a multilingual website I begin an indexing process also in foreign countries.

What the multilingual website

What I have always liked is the personal relationship Belgium Email List with the customer. Even though my business works mainly in Emilia Romagna where I was born and live, (my business that creates websites and e-commerce is based in Cervia, not even 30 kilometers from Rimini and very close to Ravenna) as you can see by consulting my portfolio , I have clients spread all over Italy and with all of them, if I can’t meet them personally, I always try to have contact via video conference.

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Do you want to see the finished website?

THERE HE IS But let’s go back to the San Giorgio Australia Email List Hotel Milano Marittima and its owner, Mrs. Veronica Dall’Ara. Mrs. Dall’Ara had an imperative need: she absolutely needed a new website. This is because, unfortunately, she came from some experiences with colleagues from other web and SEO agencies who were not too happy. They had promised her a quality service but instead they did not prove to be up to par and in particular she literally ran away from the agency that followed her for many reasons: non-existent support, zero assistance, every time she needed changes.


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