Pitching proposals and With each other: we start from data analysis: all actions are creat to be measur and convey into a data collection tool, in order to transform data from unstructur to structur; ) the definition of the strategy: first of all the company strategy is defin in order to integrate it with the marketing strategy and with the other departments, using the flow of data and information collect; ) use of different tactics: mobile first website, Search Engine Marketing, keyword advertising, Content Strategy, email marketing automation, social mia marketing, social advertising, growth hacking etc.

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Connect and integrat so as not to work in watertight seo expate bd compartments; ) tools: detail analysis platforms for web and social networks, neuromarketing analysis, marketing automation, engage marketing, machine learning, business intelligence tools, chatbots etc. Only by having defin the first phases can we choose the most suitable tools. The fifth chapter is dicat to the tactics and techniques to be us in the digital world. There are many real cases and examples with new creative possibilities of use, for example in the fields of content marketing, SEO, social mia marketing, marketing automation, growth hacking.

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Think experimentation is in the digital world Caseno Data compar to a systemic approach? Digital experimentation is fundamental today, thanks also to the technology that now allows us to analyze and test with almost immiate spe and response: think of the uses of neuromarketing which have become much more accessible and economically applicable. Be careful though: the experimentation must have a certain proportion with the other activities and is not in contrast with the systemic approach, rather it generates it. If system activities produce sales, I always reserve or additional experimental activities: in the event that one of these alone leads to sales, then this activity immiately falls among the system ones, perhaps replacing.

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