Traffic to all of your content marketing Powered Webpage URLs. It’s the Page Path report filter to just show the blog. Next you’ll export a report that shows conversions. It’s the Pages and screens report filter to just show the newsletter thank you page and with the conversions metric set to signups. Add a secondary dimension for Page Referrer. I’m giving you Google Analytics data showing traffic to blog posts. Can you analyze I’m giving you data about conversions (visitors subscribing to a newsletter) from that same blog. Can you analyze Merge

The data from

The two files together into one file as you would do with a vlookup so each row is a URL and the sessions and conversions are shown for each. Give me a link to download. [check the file] [Use prompts b2b leads that improve the data] Filter out anomalies. Merge URLs that appear to be duplicates. For any row with a URL that has parameters at the end combine those values with the row that just has the URL. Remove URLs that do not contain the word blog Draw a bar chart that shows the conversion rate for each blog post. For deeper

Analysis you

b2b leads

Can ask the AI to infer marketing topics from the URLs and then categorize by those topics then rraw the chart to show which topics have the highest conversion Caseno Data rates. How to use this chart First double check your inputs and outputs. Check for accuracy. Look good Proce. There are two main insights from this chart what to promote more and what to produce more. What articles to keep promoting Now that you know which articles are your best mousetraps you focus on improving the cheese. Share them more. Send them more.

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