Gillette launches a recycling program in the Unite States and sets a standard for companies. Regardless of their field, to join this fight to be more sustainable and clean the planet. Let’s see what this initiative is about and what you can learn from it. Gillette launches recycling program Currently. Brands and consumers are looking for ways to take care of their environmental footprint by integrating more sustainable routines. Gillette has create an alliance with the TerraCycle organization to recover the plastic use in its blades. And at the same time encourage its consumers to recycle through compensation if they correctly deposit the razors in the indicate places. recovers these items, the organization separates the plastic and metal; Once divide. The plastics are cleane and melte to form granules that  integratd back into the chain to create new products.

Gillette launches recycling program

And how are interest groups involve Interest groups will participate under the following guidelines: Be of age. To receive compensation. They must have 16 products and deposit their blades (regardless of brand) in authorize TerraCycle centers. As the world’s leading razor brand, we saw it as our responsibility to ensure Hong Kong Phone Number List we found sustainable innovations and solutions for the industry,” said Matt Thomas, Procter & Gamble (P&G) brand director for Gillette and Gillette Venus. Unite Kingdom. The brand said that it is excite about the alliance with TerraCycle.  Because in addition to helping the environment. It encourages stakeholders to join the initiative to be more sustainable. Alliances with value The bond forme between TerraCycle and Gillette is just one of the many alliances the organization has create to take back plastic and eliminate the idea of ​​waste.

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And how are interest groups involved?

Other brands have joine this fight to combat plastic: Mars Petcare and Ella’s Kitchen . Taking Kellogg as an example. The company created an agreement that allows consumers to return Pringles cans. Which are recycle and turne into granules that  integrated into benches and fence posts. And like Gillette, the organization Iran Phone Number List invited consumers to send in empty cans with free labels. For each container a charitable donation would be made to a charity or non-profit organization of the sender’s choice. “We cannot achieve this ambitious goal alone,” Lou Massari, senior director of global packaging at Kellogg Company. Said of the new packaging goal. “We will collaborate with new and existing external partners, our customers and other innovators to identify packaging solutions that protect and enhance our food.

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