Real itorial content available to brands to share suggestions and advice. Available in 3 formats: places. Products and posts that allow brands to create product guides;Shopping from creators. Which allows creators approv by the brand. Such as influencers or celebrities. To tag the products present in the company’s shop. Directly in the fe or stories content.Currently only available in the usa is checkout. A function that allows you to purchase a product seen in one of the photos in the fe without ever leaving the application by paying with facebook pay.

There are so many innovations in terms of social commerce

There are so many innovations in terms of latest database social commerce: all social platforms are adapting to avoid being left behind. Just think of pinterest which has updat its features in recent months by adding the “Shop” tab. A real online product catalog from which users can purchase directly by clicking on the pin. An update that has already brought results with a 44% increase in the number of users who. On an annual basis. Interact with shopping on pinterest.Tiktok is also¬† moving in this direction and its latest partnership with shopify speaks clearly:

Companies will be able to connect their tiktok for business

Companies will be able to connect their tiktok for business account with their shopify account and sell their products directly via the in-fe shoppable video Caseno Data¬† ads. Social platform.The advantages of social commerceThe main strength of social commerce lies in the ability to reach everyone. Without any barrier to entry. Brands interest in selling their products don’t have to worry about opening an e-commerce site. Which could still be a valuable ally in a social selling strategy.The shopping experience link to social mia is. Precisely because of the nature that characterizes these platforms. Fast and “Light”

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