Duplicates screaming frog SEO Checklist Once you. Have detected it, you will only have to change them to solve the problem. Duplicate content also appears when it is not specified which. Version of the website is valid, whethe. To tell Google which version it should take into account, you must place the “rel=canonical” tag in the header of the website, in addition to establishing the appropriate redirects to the version that we want to be the “good” one. If you are using WordPress, you can also indicate which version you prefer from the Settings menu. Finally, another problem that affects content and positioning is cannibalization.

Cannibalization occurs SEO Checklist unconsciously in many cases so it is important

Cannibalization occurs when two top industry data or more different URLs are competing to position for the same keyword or search intention. This means that Google does not quite know which one has the most relevant content and ends up diluting the strength of both, so that neither of them manages to position themselves well at all. Cannibalization occurs unconsciously, in many cases, so it is important to detect and correct it as soon as possible. Google Search Console allows you to detect cannibalization through the “Performance” cannibalizations.

In general it will be the one that is best positioned

The website I am analyzing is a disaster Caseno Data in this sense because it has several cases in which, at least, four or five URLs compete for the same keyword. This is clearly preventing these URLs from ranking well in the SERPs. What should be done about cannibalization? In general, the process is usually the following: Choose which URL is the “good” one . In general, it will be the one that is best positioned (that is why DinoRANK.

menu, but it has a drawback and that is that you will have to check keyword by keyword which one may have that problem. For this reason, I prefer to use the DinoRANK Cannibalizations module , since it directly shows me which URLs have this problem. dinorank tells you directly what the average position of each URL is) Rewrite or complete its content with that of other URLs that are related to the keyword Make 301 redirects from the other URLs or target your content towards another search intent.

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