Customer: Is it okay, dear? The man says 200 TL to build a website. Sir, I think you are doing price research. Of course, if you wish, you can also have the people you meet do it. It’s your choice. Customer: I have a doubt. Let me tell you this, sir. You will have those friends do it again, you will suffer for months, and then you will look for ways to get your website built again. This is a process we know and happens frequently. Customer: I can make you do what I want, brother. Get it done sir. Thank you and wish you a good day. Be sure to read! Website color selection Now what was the purpose of this meeting.


Our prospective customer

A person living in Gaziantep or Mersin, called us asking for companies Switzerland Phone Number Data that design in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Thank you, he found us. But the purpose of the search is definitely not to get a website built. Doing price research. This is, of course, a natural demand. We think that the problem is the approach style. Another SEO customer interview setup: Customer: Hello, good day, I had a website built by myself, I want to have it redone. -We can help you sir. Customer: Actually, I can do it myself, but I still wanted to get professional support. I understand sir, you already did it the first time, I guess you wanted a more . Customer: Yes, but as I said, I can already create a website.

Phone Number Data

Professional job

I thought it would be New Zealand Phone Number a rich site, does the fee make a difference? Another dialogue Customer: Hello, we have now had our logo made, business cards printed, we want to have our website built. We will help you sir Customer: However, while you are building the site, you can also prepare a nice logo for us, right? Sir, you said before that you had a logo made. Customer: Well, maybe you can do it more professionally. Sir, our logo prices start from… Customer: Then I want to have SEO done, you can give it as a gift from time to time. Customer.

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