Google says to use words that are relevant to your content inside page URLs.[8] Often the easiest way to do that is to set your target keyword in the slug part of the URL. Example of a user-friendly URL slug However, if the URL structure already contains some words from your target keyword, you can make the slug shorter. For example, our target keyword is “seo for realtors.” Since the page was nested under the “seo/for” directory, we could just use “realtors” as the slug. Example of a URL that uses the keyword in the directory name and article slug Optimize your images Images from your pages can rank in Google image search and send more traffic your way. You need to do three things to optimize them.

Demonstrate experience or expertise in the topic

Google values content from experts or people with first-hand/life experience. Which is more important for Google depends on the topic. For example, the most trustworthy source of information on the health benefits of matcha tea is someone with formal education in nutrition and/or medicine. Example of demonstrating expertise in content Whereas, a review of car phone mounts probably doesn’t need an expert. It’s sufficient if the reviewers have enough first-hand top industry data experience with the products and demonstrate that. Example of demonstrating experience in content Here are a few ways how Google advises to demonstrate expertise.[12] You should: Show that you know the topic well. Demonstrate how to solve a 

Optimize for featured snippets

A featured snippet answers the searcher’s question with a short answer.[14] You can come across different types of them: paragraphs, lists, videos, etc. Featured snippet example Google pulls them from web search listings, and they almost all come from one of the pages ranking in the top 10.[15] This means you can shortcut your way to the top position by winning the snippet. The best featured snippet opportunities tend to be for keywords Caseno Data where you already rank in the top five, and Google already shows a featured snippet. You can find these opportunities using Ahrefs’ Site Explorer: Enter your domain Go to the Organic keywords report

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