Well, now that we know that having purposes is good, let’s talk about how to define them and how to be clear about them. Seem to you? Here, once again, I have to tell you that I move away a little from the typical, from thinking about great transcendental purposes that are so distant that they lose their meaning . Maybe I have them, I’m not saying no, but it’s not what I’m looking for. To give you an example, Víctor Martín tells us in his book Unleash your success (highly, highly recommended) about a super useful tool that is “The wheel of life” . It is ideal for finding your medium and long-term purposes, but if you allow me, use it only if you have a strong commitment to yourself and want the impact to be in all areas of your person.

In this post on the contrary

We are going to focus on the completion, achievement and not procrastination of tasks. I think it goes without saying that money is there, we need it, it almost runs executive data most of our lives. However, it cannot be our main motivation or purpose because its operation, its definition, condemns us to frustration: there is never enough. So if you wake up in the morning thinking “I’m going to make money today” you are condemning yourself to a boring and frustrating routine. Money is like breathing. Do you follow me? Find medium/long-term purposes .

But don’t see it as an unbreakable creed. You will get blocked. Instead of thinking about what you would like to be, instead of idealizing your future, look for the positive side of what you are doing. Think about where it is taking you and what good it can bring you in the long term. For example, I “have fun researching and growing while maintaining a real balance between personal and professional.

How to define make money

That’s why I do everything I do. Identify small objectives or mini achievements . Everything you do has a direct impact. For example, when you poop you remove waste Caseno Data from your body, you feel better, and you make room for more. Ha ha ha. Okay, bad example. Eeeeem, you understand me. No? Each thing, each post, each call, each task has a direct impact, a mini achievement that brings you closer to those mentioned in the previous point.

Always identify it. It’s easier than it seems and here begins the key to everything. Always look for the positive approach . “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” You haven’t heard that many times, have you? ( Note: if when reading it you thought about arguments then you have a negative approach. Why haven’t you thought about a conversation between lovers? Eh, cuchi cuchi? ). 

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