Social Commerce The impact of COVID-19 pushed people out of their comfort zones. While it is uncomfortable, it is also the best way to grow. With so many in-person business case meetings, networking events, and trade shows put on hold in 2020. LinkedIn became an even more attractive option because. It has 63 million decision makers and 30 million company pages. It represents 80% of B2B potential customers on social networks. Triple the visitor to generate conversions compared to other channels. It is voted the most reliable network.

Business Case for LinkedIn

A star-rated LinkedIn profile increases your reach by more than 50%. Our WSI eBook is available from your WSI Consultant and guides you email contact list through the eight different things you need to complete. But creating a prominent profile can be difficult if you don’t like writing about yourself. If that’s the case. It makes sense to get help from specialists.

Build Better Connections

While getting over 500 initial connections Caseno Data is a milestone to work toward, the quality of your connections trumps the quantity, especially since LinkedIn is “watching” and will suggest more of the type of connections you have. Targeted search results in all categories return not only people, but also articles, content, and jobs related to your search.

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