Advertising is a medium used by multiple companies to market their products. And the Argentine shopping company, MercadoLibre, knows it. So thanks to this advertising need and his interest in social responsibility. He has decided to launch the first billboard that uses solar energy. Spectacular that uses solar energy: MercadoLibre The leading e-commerce company launched as an advertising strategy a sustainable poster that is made up of 24 solar panels, which capture energy during the day to stay illuminated at night. The spectacular that uses solar energy is located in the Federal Capital of Argentina, and will generate more than 100% of the energy necessary to stay on during the night, and will return excess energy to the public electrical grid.

Spectacular that uses solar energy: MercadoLibre

To achieve this, MercadoLibre partnered with Sustentator, an Argentine company dedicated to generating energy from clean sources that reduce emissions, and raising awareness related to sustainability. MercadoLibre also had the support of a private company whose corporate purpose is the provision of distribution and Brazil Phone Number List marketing of electrical energy. Its name is Ededor, and thanks to it the placement of the bidirectional meter was possible. In this way the energy of the sign is counted and injected into the network. “We seek to encourage the development of new alternatives that allow us to reduce the environmental impact throughout our value chain,” said Guadalupe Marín, senior sustainability manager for Latin America at MercadoLibre. This public road is a way to accompany and honor the path that Argentina is beginning.

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CSOs and environmentalists also declare

In our offices in Córdoba, Brazil and Colombia. We already have solar panels that generate part of the energy we consume. And we have a future commitment to supply 100% renewable energy for the consumption of our offices throughout Latam. For their part, at the Sustantor offices. They said that they were proud to participate China Phone Number List with MercadoLibre in this original initiative: «we understand that it will help raise awareness about the importance of caring for our planet. “They are concrete facts that demonstrate the commitment and desire that both companies have to work for a better world.” It is worth mentioning that for MercadoLibre. Understanding the relationship with the environment is essential for the development of a long-term sustainable business. Part of its commitment to the environment involves: Incorporation of renewable energies in its operation. Measurement of your carbon footprint and continuous improvement.

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