We demand that products adapt to our preferences, that experiences are individual and that marketing actions are personalized. The old world of massification ended and gave way to a new one tailored to our particularities. Do you need us to help you with the creation and implementation of your business’s digital strategy? Let’s talk about this change, generated by new technologies, was reflected in many aspects of business-buyer interactions, and affected all marketing processes . Starting with the mandatory adaptation of products and services to the characteristics of the buyer, going through the personalization of previous and subsequent experiences and ending with the adaptation of the communications.

Omnichannel then was born and grew

Created for each stage of the conversion funnel. This scenario b2b leads in which customers control the process and demand greater agility and versatility, was the breeding ground for the birth of omnichannel, a novel marketing and business concept that, at first, confused many— because they understood it well and they could not separate it from the well-known multichannel – but little by little it separated and gained its own space in the daily discussions of the organizations. Omnichannel then was born and grew as a response from the business world to the personalization demands of new consumers. What is omnichannel and how is it different from multichannel. It is critical to understand the differences between these two concepts to advance the assimilation of each one.

For its part omnichannel is responsible

If you quickly ask us about these differences, we could say Caseno Data that multichannel has to do with interaction alternatives and omnichannel, on the other hand, has to do with the integration of those interactions. In that way? Simple, multichannel is a tactic that encourages companies to open multiple channels to communicate with customers — the more the better without there being an interconnection between them. For its part omnichannel is responsible for ensuring that these channels exist, but that the interactions through them have continuity and coherence. Don’t settle for having the best customer service. Make it legendary. Walton now, this differentiation also brings to light. Some conclusions that are worth reviewing to deepen the understanding of both concepts.

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