Some key questions to ask yourself at this point what would the lowest price you willing to sell your product what would the highest price that consumers would willing to pay how price sensitive your customers what prices do the current leaders in your niche charge how is your price compd to the competition p . Squ point the plaza refers to the point or place the location. As they say in marketing it’s all about location location location. On this point neil patel refers to a technology conference he ran some time ago in los angeles call twiistup.

The challenge of building a community of loyal users

It was a great event with the energy and celebrities of los angeles. Do you know what happen the event fail. And not cause the event wasn’t good it was cause it mov it from santa monica which is the heart of the los angeles tech scene to the valley which is an mobile app development service hour’s drive from where all the tech companies locat. In other words what went wrong was location location location. So his advice is choose the location where your customers don’t expect them to come to you. See where they . How to choose the right place the web is a virtual world. And although the location (squ – point) may seem irrelevant it really is not.

Do you need to do email marketing for

Neil patel invites you to think about it this way if he put his company on tiktok what do you think would happen well it wouldn’t generate new clients for your ad agency cause none of your ideal clients on tiktok. Or do you think a group of – year olds Caseno Data looking for marketing services therefore the recommendation is think about the platforms and places where your ideal clients and make yourself present there. That could a site on google or an offline location like.

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