The development of social responsibility programs by companies has become one of the obligatory commitments of today, which has promote the communication of initiatives of all kinds. The above invites us to question what is the true impact of some programs that are communicate. For four years, Fundación has been working to implement its social responsibility projects in line with the company’s corporate objectives, with the aim of better structuring its programs and encouraging consumer participation. But what has been its true reach? Claudia Aguado, deputy director of Fundación, share one of the programs that has been in constant evolution; This is an initiative that began in in stores in Nuevo León with the invitation to customers to leave PET, aluminum, glass and paper in the customer service area in exchange for an economic incentive in the electronic wallet for the amount of materials provide.

What is the social purpose?

At this time they realize that consumers were not redeeming the electronic points, which, according to Claudia Aguado, shows that clients were not depositing the materials to receive an economic incentive, but rather out of a motivation to help the environment. They also identifie that one of the problems with the collection Austria WhatsApp Number List were the ineffective and inaccessible processes for the entire public, specifically for children who were the most excite to join. Constant evolution Base on these results, we sought to make the process of Soriana’s social responsibility program much more effective with the purpose of streamlining the safeguarding and collection process. Likewise, the issue of points was eliminate and much more accessible and dynamic machines were provide. for the public.

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Even the Queen cleans the Spanish streets!

Around this, the operation was structure in such a way that in 2017 PET collection machines were implemente in 10 stores in Mexico City, with a much faster, fun and accessible process for children. The machine allows the customer to receive more product and choose between redeeming the electronic points or Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List donating the profit to the Soriana Fundación. “They are very new for the client, children can deposit the bottles and watch how they are crushe and decide whether to donate the money or deposit it in the electronic wallet,” adde Claudia Aguado. In 22 stores in Nuevo León there are these new and larger containers that allow for greater control and hygiene in collection. During 2018, more than 69,000 kilos of PET, aluminum and paper were collecte. In addition to these actions.

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