After the signing of the Paris Agreement and the commitment to the 2030 Agenda. It is common for companies to be concerne about their environmental impact and the way in which they contribute to improving the environment. Companies in the hotel sector are creating sustainable structures, companies in the construction sector use elements such as sargassum. PET or other materials. However, very few companies in the gastronomic sector have been intereste in the sustainability of their products. The circular economy in restaurants or the labor of their distributors. Among the notable people in this sector is chef Enrique Olvera, one of the most respecte Mexican chefs in the world. Olvera is characterize by focusing on sustainability and caring for the environment in the kitchen, and this has been recognize by the Unite Nations .

Sustainability of a Mexican chef, the UN recognizes it

Sustainability of a Mexican chef, the UN recognizes it Enrique Olvera has one of the best restaurants in the world: Pujol; a gastronomic site that ranks 12th on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list of 2019. His philosophy, his style and above al, his work earne him the endorsement of the UN to be a promoter of the Japan Phone Number List objectives proposd by the organization, with the aim of generating positive climate changes by 2030. In a video from the Unite Nations Information Center. The Mexican share his vision of gastronomy in his country. Which is classifie as unique in the world. In this audiovisual. The chef’s vision is highlighte. He is “committe to sustainability. Has implemente practices to care for the environment and contribute to the development of local products.

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This way they don’t produce tons of garbage

One of its main proposals is to do without beef: “We have decide that we are not going to work with this type of meat because we are aware that the impact on the carbon footprint of beef is very high. So only the we use from time to time. Our interest is to promote more conscious and environmentally friendly consumption. Circular¬† New Zealand Phone Number List economy The chef hopes that in his pantry will come entirely from local producers. ¬ęThis is one of the big problems in the world and Mexico is not isolate. We don’t know where the food we are eating comes from and we don’t know how it is produce. There are vegetables that are junk food. “There are tomatoes that were grown with chemicals and have no nutritional value.

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