The methodology we propose for implementation

The only thing that multichannel offers. Therefore, are alternatives for customers to choose the channel that best suits their characteristics, but it does not allow them to jump between channels. For its part, omnichannel delivers three clear and compelling benefits—which are obviously not the only ones, but the most notable: 1. Reputation improvement . Companies

Provides versatility in communications

Proposal that is more concerned with the channels. And the work in each one, which by the experience of the interlocutors in omnichannel there is a strong commitment to identifying the interlocutor to be able to follow the conversation through the different channels and in omnichannel what concerns us is the creation of memorable experiences—and

Some conclusions that are worth reviewing to deepen the

We demand that products adapt to our preferences, that experiences are individual and that marketing actions are personalized. The old world of massification ended and gave way to a new one tailored to our particularities. Do you need us to help you with the creation and implementation of your business’s digital strategy? Let’s talk about

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are still in the Backlog can be usMaximizes return on investment (ROI): Software is creat only with the features that help achieve greater business value thanks to prioritization by return on investment. DISADVANTAGES OF THE SCRUM METHODOLOGY Complicat implementation: Although the scrum framework is easy to learn. It is difficult to implement because it requires