Social Media Leveraging Social Signals for Rankings

For example, in the image below Social Media. I have activated the “Sponsored” filter to see the backlinks. That have been obtained through purchases on a link building platform. Direct negotiation with the medium or because. The website that publishes the link has it. placed in sponsored. Or affiliated content and has been labeled as

What you need to get subscribers to your newsletter if you are an online store

What you need get subscribers If you are obsessing over the number of your Twitter followers for your store, perhaps you are not focusing your online actions well. Although social networks are fashionable, there are very few online stores that are able to get a reasonable return on them. What few know is that “old

Consumer and sustainable marketing a match

Sustainability has also reached the world of marketing. Although it may seem like a difficult concept to fit within the sector, many brands are looking for ways to introduce changes to their business model in order to achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly marketing strategy. In recent years, consumers have been changing their consumption habits,

Charting the Product Industry Landscape

Creative stories and stories For the new  Charting the production company. Creativity is everything , therefore. They seek to transmit those tensions of both the brand and its audience and tell them in a way that is appropriate for the objectives and services of the brand, but always from creativity. «This is how you hook