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Without second thoughts. In fact. For the user it is a matter of scrolling through the fe and choosing to purchase something that has impress them.To make the post. The stories and. In general. The product attractive. The role of images is fundamental. As they capture and influence the first impression of the potential buyer.

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Real itorial content available to brands to share suggestions and advice. Available in 3 formats: places. Products and posts that allow brands to create product guides;Shopping from creators. Which allows creators approv by the brand. Such as influencers or celebrities. To tag the products present in the company’s shop. Directly in the fe or stories

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Personal and well-written note and with beautiful packaging can lead to unexpect results.Offer an incentive. A discount or an unexpect gift : this is overdelivering. Which in its most modern meaning consists of providing the customer. Before any review. With something extra that they don’t expect. Pamper the customer with an add product. Unknown and

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Marketing orientation is focusing on marketing. Confusing concepts should not be surprising also because in practice the effects of both strategies can be very similar. Market orientation, but also marketing orientation, require market research, product development, proposing marketing aime at customers, etc. Market orientation in online marketing Given that market orientation is base on data

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You don’t even nee to reach most of them! All thanks to a research sample that will be representative of the whole. For this to happen, of course, you nee to choose it correctly. These may be random people – such selection is also one of the sampling methods. Read first what are the differences