Basic Psychologist responds

I work with a group of technicians and collaborators, to also satisfy SEO, Social and Marketing needs.” Everything I have written up to now has been transformed, and over time will continue to grow and mature, into a portal that has a good first impression for those who visit it, in line with the service

Creation of a tailor-made website

Welcome back to my blog. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a new national project dedicated to a very important topic: the mental and physical well-being of all of us. was born from a one-of-a-kind idea that I supported from the beginning. We all know the professional figure of the general

Structured data for mobile search

Your rich result can also appear in the carousel. Which is a list of “card” results that users can easily scroll through. The carousel appears before regular. Therefore, organic results in SERPs. Structured data for voice search Voice search has become very important as more and more people search by speaking into their mobile devices

What is the importance of structured data?

Do you want to implement Rich Snippets on your website? Do you want to add structured data to your ecommerce but aren’t able to do it yourself? CONTACT ME NOW FOR A FREE QUOTE. What is the importance of structured data? Structured data helps Google and other search engines better understand your website. Search engines

What is Structured Data or Rich Snippet?

All websites are built with a structure. There is a home page as well as several pages, sections, and subsections of a website, including the about page, service pages, contact pages, blogs, FAQs, and more. While the content of these pages and the navigation within your website lets visitors know what they are, search engines

The importance of structured data for your website

Welcome back to my blog. I have always supported the importance of structured data within a website. whether it is a simple showcase site or a complex e-commerce site. When I create a website and/or an e-commerce one of the first things. I do is go to , the best community whose main mission

The future of data privacy

You can imagine, is directly linked to the number of breaches and the probability of data loss. As a result, several anticipated data security trends may impact security legislation and GDPR compliance requirements in 2022. A data privacy tool Privacy and security go hand in hand. Thus, the different tools for privacy agreement and security

List of things that a website or e-commerce must have to be GDPR compliant

These principles define how to manage the data of individuals and organizations. They are the framework for the entire GDPR act. Therefore, seven principles of the GDPR are: Legality Purpose Limitation Data minimization Precision Retention limit Integrity and  These are the pillars that make up the GDPR act and protect. Therefore,the entire data system. Therefore,

Why is the GDPR important?

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What impact has the GDPR had on businesses

GDPR has increased the activities of reputable websites. These GDPR compliant companies were happy to disclose their use of customer data, and as a result, the customer felt safe. The GDPR was an act that changed data privacy . Data privacy has a pre-GDPR period and a post-GDPR period. Let’s take a closer look at

What is the GDPR

Welcome back to my blog. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a series of new regulations aimed at giving European Union (EU) citizens more control over their personal data and information. This is why it is essential and mandatory that all websites and e-commerce sites comply with the GDPR. In reality. What is all

Search sites in your industry or niche for link building opportunities

Ahrefs offers a free backlink tool that allows you to monitor your competitors’ backlinks. 3. Search sites in your industry or niche for link building opportunities A Google search may reveal sites in your industry or niche that may link to your site. For example, a quick Google search for “technology blog” returns a list