SEO Checklist What to Look for Every Audit

Duplicates screaming frog SEO Checklist Once you. Have detected it, you will only have to change them to solve the problem. Duplicate content also appears when it is not specified which. Version of the website is valid, whethe. To tell Google which version it should take into account, you must place the “rel=canonical” tag in

How to improve the conversion rate of your online store

How to improve He who thinks that it is easy to sell online realizes that it is not the moment he starts and launches himself. This is when moments of frustration arise because a lot of time and money has been invested in a website that barely generates income. The lack of visits is not

Combining marketing and technology is Walmeric’s commitment

In a world with hyperconnected users, more informed than ever and with high expectations regarding user experience, technology is the basis of growth models. In this context, Walmeric , a technology company that manages more than 65 million commercial leads annually, has developed a new sales model in which the online ecosystem and assisted sales

Product Industry Trends Report

The study shows that children who opt for Product Industry medium-sized princesses are more physically active (perhaps also because these princesses star in plot lines that are more lavish in action in the movies). For their part, those boys and girls whose Disney princesses are thin do not experience positive changes in their own self-esteem

Use the Analytics link generator tool or better a Google Sheet?

Use the Analytics link generator tool or better a Google Sheet? The mainbecause the majority of dedicated professionals on the side know what UTM links are. The problem is not how to create the links either, since the Analytics UTM link generation tool is very easy to find. problem, as we have said before, is