The objective is to configure a team of professionals who achieve the objectives set by the company based on the corporate culture at the lowest possible cost. And the process also seems quite simple, at least from the classic human resources selection model. Measures to The first step is to publish job offers to recruit an adequate base of candidates and use the best methods to assess the behaviors, skills and motivations of these candidates based on the positions and their functions. And whether a multinational innovation company is looking for professionals with high technological qualifications, or a small company is looking for a receptionist, it is essential to use evidence-based selection procedures.

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The company but also to satisfy the motivations of their professionals. This double objective of any recruitment and selection method, addressing the interests of both. The organization and its workers, forces both directors and managers executive email list and those responsible. For human resources to also be governed by ethical principles and the growth of people. Which must coexist with the need for growth of the company. In summary, it could be said that a fair human resources and people selection policy must be based on the well-known poem by Gloria Fuertes: In the team that is responsible for managing the development of your professionals, there must also be the function of caring for and taking responsibility for the satisfaction or “happiness” of your employees and clients.

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Satisfaction in the company’s environment can be monitored through periodic. Surveys and other evaluation activities that are based on operationally Caseno Data defined indicators. An interesting tool to begin to assess the opinion of workers is the. Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS ), which investigates whether. They would recommend the organization as a workplace. Also, a network of mentors in the organization would do much more than “ensure happiness”: it would be a tool to generate it. Employees with more experience and skills should. Dedicate some of their time to mentoring those who need it.

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