Our environment has been affecte due to the emission of hundres of pollutants into the atmosphere these cause health problems. As well as irreversible damage to the Earth, however, there is still time to avoid this situation and save a little of what that we have around us. There are various initiatives that have been propose to eradicate pollution. To which companies, governments, citizens, civil associations and even the Catholic Church have joine. The latter has reache a procurement agreement with British Gas. Which will now cover churches in 20 of the 22 Catholic dioceses in England and Wales, and schools, community centers and residences. The parent company of British Gas said Westminster. Nottingham and Plymouth cathedrals are on the list of greenest places under the deal.

Climate change does its thing; Plastic found in Arctic snow

We commend IFM and the Catholic Church for their desire to lead the adoption of renewable energy and hope that others will follow. Said British Gas Business managing director Gab Barbaro. “We are seeing more and more organizations looking to switch to renewable gas and electricity. Particularly given the recent ‘net zero’ commitment Germany Phone Number List made by the government. This contract demonstrates that it is becoming easier to reduce carbon emissions from our public and private sector buildings . Now the Catholic Church  one of the largest consumers of green gas; The volume of gas and electricity supplie by British Gas Business is equivalent to meeting the annual needs of more than 20 thousand UK homes. Eliminating 32ktCO2 of emissions annually. Which is equivalent to taking more than 21 thousand cars off the road.

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plastic in the snow

Clean energy With the renewal of fuels. The Catholic Church wants to be a green church; in turn wants to switch to renewable energy. This progress has been driven by the Church of England purchasing group, Parish Shopping, and the Big Church Switch campaign, a partnership between Christian Aid. Tearfund and the Church of India Phone Number List England Environment Programme. It is worth mentioning that in 2016, the number of churches in the Unite Kingdom that had switche to renewable energy stood at 3,500 and it is expecte that in the coming years more churches and institutions will join together to eliminate the emission of fossil fuels. This is a great step on the part of the Catholic Church.

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