Creating a unique hashtag is also a good way to monitor what content your fans post. If the hashtag is interesting and relat thematically to the brand or its campaign, then the company has a chance to effectively steer the conversation in a direction that is beneficial for it. However, this requires a lot of creativity and often getting to know your audience well. recipients to use the hashtag and mark their posts with it. Here, not only the attractiveness of the hashtag itself matters, but also the image of the brand and the impression that the recipients have about it. The following brands did a great job using a unique hashtag in their marketing campaign.

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Hashtag for special occasions For many women, the wding day is a special day, during which their appearance is very important – of course, the wding dress comes first, but accessories, including shoes, are equally important. Jimmy Choo – a British whatsapp mobile number list fashion house specializing in the sale of shoes, handbags, accessories and perfumes – made great use of this fact. The course of action The company decid to use its knowlge of how to use hashtags and invit women to share moments from their wding ceremonies in which they wore Jimmy Choo shoes and encourag them to tag these entries with the IdoinChoo hashtag . See our monthly IdoinChoo roundup & share your wding photos featuring.

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JimmyChooWorld with us on As a result, many Caseno Data women shar the information that this brand accompani them on such an important day for them. What’s more, the entries of Internet users with this hashtag can be follow not only on Twitter or Instagram, but also on Pinterest, where one of the brand’s boards is IDOINCHOO , to which photos describ with. 2. with the product The R Bull brand creat the hashtag PutACanOnIt , which was a reaction to one of its fan’s photos, in which, playing with perspective, he plac a can of R Bull above the Mini Cooper, which is the brand’s advertising sign.

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