The more often than not they replied that it wasn’t possible to do them and then the times were very long. These are only the minor problems… the most serious problems arise from unclear contracts that bind the customer with absurd clauses. The old agency STOLE my domain name just because I expressed the desire to change supplier. They took over my domain. They kicked me out of my inboxes, they took over my Facebook and Booking page. I was no longer the master of my own home. (Veronica Dall’Ara). The creation I personally work in a decidedly different way, because first of all I love transparency.


If a customer wishes

I immediately provide all the Brazil Email List credentials so that, at any time, they feel free to find a new web consultant to follow them. In the specific case of the Hotel San Giorgio in Milano Marittima, when the owner asked the old web agency to receive all the credentials of her accounts and to return the owner of the website domain, they replied that she would have to pay several thousand euros of penalty. Unfortunately, his hands were legally tied. The creation because this pseudo company. The creation often changes ownership and name. Thanks to Gianluigi and his team I managed to recover part of all this, without him I would not have recovered anything.

Email Data

Serious person

We therefore created a new website, given the Canada Email List previous problems and, finally, the Hotel San Giorgio in Milano Marittima has a site that works, with a very simple and intuitive format for requests and with a back office where the customer can insert offers and other content in complete autonomy. What the customer says about our collaboration Veronica Dall’Ara apex Finally. The creation thanks to Gianluigi, I have a site that works , a website with a very simple and intuitive format for requests and with a back office in which we can insert offers and other content independently. He is a serious person who works with seriousness, competence and within established times.



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