Reducing and replacing single-use plastic is a priority. In most countries we know what actions to take to achieve this. However, very few are interested in carrying them out. The government of Costa Rica together with the Costa Rican Red Cross and the Ministry of Health are an example, since on this occasion they were leaders of the ninth edition of EcoRomería, the largest environmental program in the country. The event focused on promoting the motto: “Reduce and replace single-use plastic.” With this environmental program, it was hoped to achieve the Ecological Blue Flag award in the Special events category for the sixth consecutive year. As part of the activities. Waste was collected that will be recycled or reused depending on its type. “The EcoRomería is part of the strategies we implement for the comprehensive management of waste.

Reduce and replace single-use plastic

The alliance with the Red Cross, as well as the invaluable contribution of different entities that join this effort, allows us, as a country, to reduce solid waste improperly deposited during the Pilgrimage, while becoming a promotional space for waste classification. The Minister of Health, Dr Daniel Salas, commented: Eco Romería, the  largest Iran Phone Number List environmental program in Costa Rica It is considered the largest in the world because it has more than 1,200 volunteers, its duration is approximately 30 continuous hours. And it covers a distance of 35 kilometers that covers three different provinces. Its cost is equivalent to 65 million colones thanks to the sponsorship of institutions and companies, and it generates an environmental education exercise for just over million people; It also prevents tons of waste from being left on the street, contaminating the environment and the health of pilgrims.

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Eco Romería, the largest environmental program in Costa Rica

Glauco Ulises Quesada Ramírez, President of the Costa Rican Red Cross: “the Costa Rican Red Cross calls on the population to keep the promise to the environment of having good waste management, this includes rejecting, reducing and replace single-use plastics during the way to the Basilica. And on these dates, the Virgin Malaysia Phone Number List of the Angels. Considered the country’s patron saint. Is visited by more than 2 million pilgrims who leave waste in their wake. This must be avoided when applying the environmental program. To close the EcoRomería. On August 29, all the environmental initiatives of the companies and institutions that participated in EcoRomería 2019 will be exhibited. In this way greater use and efficiency will be achieved in the processes. In addition, it will be necessary to have good classification practices.

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