It didn’t matter if the contestant wasn’t a great artist. As long as he was seen more by the public, the contestant received more overall votes. Like Eurovision voters, customers also prefer something they see more often. And the more they like something, the more likely they are to buy it. For this reason. The mere exposure effect can impact your sales in two ways. Generate desire It gives rise to a specific preference for the brand This principle can be used in marketing to create a link between the customer’s need and the product offered. In the next paragraph I want to tell you 5 relevant steps to become Top of Mind of your audience.

Understand the consumer

But first I have 2 books on brand Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data Awareness that I  want to recommend to you: – Branding: in five and a half steps – Positioning. The battle for your minds 1. Understanding consumers’ needs, wants and expectations, as well as their purchasing behavior and touchpoints with the company, is critical to keeping the company at the top of consumers’ minds . When consumers perceive that a company understands their needs and offers products or services that meet their needs, they are more inclined to consider that brand as the first option when they need to make a purchase.

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The power  Personas in practice

I’ll explain the most powerful method for Indonesia Whatsapp Number analyzing your  audience in this article: Personas in practice real examples + tools to use . 2. Create an effective marketing strategy To create an effective marketing strategy and stay at the top of consumers’ minds, it is essential to identify the target audience and define a clear and distinctive positioning . Every advertising campaign must be persuasive and engaging, capable of capturing the public’s attention and maintaining interest in the brand. Always remember that brand positioning takes time and effort, but with the right strategy and attention to detail.



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