GT metrix is a tool that performs extremely detailed website analysis. Discover How Allowing us to fully understand the loading process of our blog. Knowing the download time of each element. Therefore, It is possible to make optimizations to increase the page opening speed. Those who have a website or blog should track some metrics on a regular basis, including knowing exactly how. Therefore, Many visits are received daily or each month, which posts are most popular, and what the click-through rate is on links, buttons, and ads.

Discover How What Are the Main Features of Gtmetrix

GTmetrix offers numerous functions, we have separated email database the main ones for you to know. Therefore, GTmetrix displays a website’s speed score based on. Google Page Speed and Yahoo Slaw, two tools that calculate loading times. The result is displayed as a percentage, which allows a comparison to be made. With the general average of the websites analyzed in GTmetrix in the last 30 days. Therefore, To do this, simply hover over the icon to the right of the score. The amount of detail presented in the report is incredible. Therefore, The tool analyzes all the elements of your website and presents. A graph in a timeline format that also indicates the time to load each element.

What Are the Limitations of the Free Plan

On the free plan, you can make a Caseno Data maximum of 3 queries per day. Which is great if your intention is to evaluate the performance of just your blog. Therefore, On the other hand, for those who have an agency and need to analyze several sites. A paid plan would be an excellent deal, since they would not be limited to that small amount. In the free plan there is also a limit of 20 URLs that can be stored in your dashboard . Therefore, Additionally, paid plans offer permanent monitoring of your website. Which cannot be done with a basic subscription.

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