Through the photos on a company profile increases prestige, because a well-kept company website proves the attention the company pays to its image. The company website profile photo should be x pixels. The image will be presented in a square format, unlike a personal profile. Graphics in the background make the profile stand out even more, if only because of the freedom of expression it allows. It may contain the company’s motto, photos showing the headquarters or employees. It can also be an image showing the company’s latest project. Regardless of the character chosen, the background image should have dimensions of x pixels.

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Graphics tailored to these dimensions look best. Images that are too large will be cropped and images that are too small will be stretched, destroying their quality. Board update LinkedIn gives you the option to share graphics on your profile wall. In this way, you Photo Retouching can update the board in the form of posts, informing visitors about events important for their personal professional life or the life of the company. Posts enriched with graphics are much more attractive and eye-catching. This gives you the opportunity to create an attractive profile for everyone who wants to establish cooperation.

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Also increases prestige by sharing important events in your professional life. The size of shared graphics should be x pixels. Remember, however, that LinkedIn is not Facebook and all materials shared must be professional. In addition to sharing graphics in posts, you Caseno Data can also attach graphics to advertising posts. Following the same pattern as in the case of post graphics, an image attached to an advertising campaign can significantly increase the number of visits. Appropriate graphics will catch the eye and thus the attention of the viewer and increase the chances of arousing interest in your campaign.

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