Of course, by coding, we don’t just mean learning the syntax of a specific programming language. It’s not just about learning the built-in functions provided by a programming language. We can learn to understand how other engineers solve problems and learn the mindset and principles for solving those problems. We can also change something that is considered magic into a reality we can understand. Just as important, we can continue to learn to improve the quality of the impact we can create. These things can improve the quality of the code you write.

Learning to code should be

An exciting activity, even one you look forward to. However, how can we continue to learn to code in our daily activities? We wanted to share some of the ways we continue to hone our coding skills. Learn to code while solving problems Not long ago, we were exploring whatsapp database the problem of race conditions in web applications. One of the questions is how to send a large number of requests in a short time? Of course, there is no need to DDoSing a web application. As engineers whose daily programming language is PHP, we can build tools using PHP and the various libraries in the PHP ecosystem. 

However we thought this was

An opportunity to learn about Golang. This is a programming language we hope to delve into in 2022. To facilitate this learning process, we are looking for Golang projects on GitHub. Among the many options available, we decided to explore the project https://github.com/TheHa Caseno Data kerDev/race-the-web From this race-the-web project, we learned how to send HTTP requests in Golang. Start with the various options that Golang provides for configuring requests, HTTP header settings, to proxy settings (for example, if we want to monitor requests .

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