Top of mind refers to the ability of a brand to stick in the consumer’s mind so much that it is the first brand they think of when referring to a certain class of products. Aaker’s pyramid represents the tool par excellence for measuring the Brand Awareness of a brand . The name comes from its creator, David A. Aaker, an economist of American origin. The pyramid is in fact a model that helps answer questions such as: how well known is my brand? Do my consumers know my values? Do they recognize my communication among many?

The Top Of Mind

How likely are people to think of my Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data products  services in response to their needs? This pyramid of brand awareness divides the knowledge that consumers may have of a brand into 4 steps, here they are starting from the bottom: 1. Lack of knowledge 2. Superficial knowledge 3. In-depth knowledge 4. Top of mind   is a particularly important indicator, reaching it means entering the Olympus of big brands. Top of mind brands are those that reign supreme in their market niche. Aaker’s top of mind pyramid TOM constitutes the most difficult form of awareness to achieve , since it requires huge investments in advertising and other forms of communication.

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Eurovision Contest found

however it is in all respects considered as Indonesia Whatsapp Number the level  of knowledge closest to the consumer’s purchasing intention. The power of mere exposure (Mere Exposure Effect) in Marketing The Mere Exposure effect is a psychological principle that states that people tend to prefer what they know . When given a choice between two options, they tend to prefer the one they have been exposed to more, even if it is of lower quality. For example, a 2012 study on the Eurovision Contest found an interesting correlation. The number of times the audience had seen a contestant correlated with the number of votes the contestant received.



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