Total Guide on 301 Redirects and htaccess File. In this guide I explain how to do 301 redirects and all the types that exist. The .htaccess file you can apply all the following codes to do it. Redirects are very useful to solve 404 errors or when you have to migrate from one domain to another, or from one web structure to another. Before getting into the subject and seeing how to apply each of the 301 redirects that exist, you must be clear about some concepts.

What is htaccess

What is htaccess. The first thing you should know is where its name comes from: Hypertext Access or Hipertext Access. This is a configuration file used on Apache email lead web servers with which webmasters can configure access policies to directories and files on the web to perform configurations such as redirects. It’s a simple text file that you can edit with Notepad or any editor.

Discontinued products in Ecommerce

Discontinued products in Ecommerce. Imagine that in your ecommerce you had a well-positioned product, but due to stock reasons you will no longer Caseno Data have it for sale. This product page may be redirected to another page for a similar product. It is recommended that this landing page be related to the original product, so you will not disappoint the user. In addition, the authority that the source page had will pass to the destination page.

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