followers will have the. Therefore, feature available. According to the social network team, the live chat experience turned out to be more pleasant in accounts with this minimum audience number. However, tests are. Therefore, still being carried out so that a larger number of users have access to the feature. The launch was carried out for Android and iOS systems.


What is Twitter Spaces

How to create a Space To get. Therefore, started, open the Twitter app. Then, in the bottom right executive email list corner of your screen, click the (+) sign. Then, you will see the Tweet, GIF, and Spaces options. Choose the. Therefore, Spaces option , name your room, and click Start Your Space . You can now start your live conversation!


Who can use Twitter Spaces

Currently, although all listeners. Therefore, can ask to speak, only 10 people, plus the host and two Case No Data co-hosts, can speak per conversation. To select them, with your Space open, go to. Therefore, Manage Speakers and click Settings . Next, choose from the options offered:

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