With UTM codes using a campaign URL builder. I’m giving you data from [email service provider] about email campaign performance. Can you analyze I’m giving you data from Google Analytics about website traffic from email campaigns. Can you analyze Combine rows so each campaign is just one row. Use the earliest date from that campaign in the date column. Provide link to download. [check the file] These two datasets show the performance of the same campaigns both from the email service provider (active campaign) and the website behavior (google analytics). I want to see the performance of each campaign across both

Merge the Google

Analytics data with the Active Campaign data combining session campaign and campaign name into one column inferring which campaigns were the same bas on names and dates. Provide link to download. You business database are a skill digital strategist and email marketing expert. Categorize the articles into marketing topics. How do topics correlate with metrics Draw a heatmap matrix table showing the performance of each topic across key email marketing metrics. How to use this chart First double check your inputs and outputs. Check for accuracy. Does it all check out Proce. Notice that some topics may perform well in the inbox but not so great

On the website

 Others it’s the opposite. Seeing this you can simply set your expectations about the impact of these campaigns accepting the strengths and weaknesses. Or you can adjust. Here’s an idea Create content that spans two Caseno Data topics. Find the overlap blending the email elements of high performing subject lines with the UX and content elements of high performing landing pages. Since you’re already in the AI you can ask it to suggest topics subject lines and article outlines that would perform well across all metrics. Try these prompts Describe an email campaign that would outperform in most metrics. Suggest adjustments to this email

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